How – and Why – to Introduce Clients to Specialty Accounting and Tax Services

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PM Business Advisors consultants, senior-level CPAs from its parent company Prager Metis CPAs, LLC and PMBA CPA firm clients share the practice management expertise they’ve acquired working with Big Four firms and running successful small firms.

The guide uses three of PMBA’s services as examples – R&D tax credit services, cost segregation studies, and sales tax-related services. It explores the following topics:

  • Why CPA firms that don’t offer specialty tax accounting and tax services in-house may not offer them through a partner.
  • Why you want to introduce your clients to specialty services via a trusted partner.
  • How to assess your client roster for those who can benefit.
  • How to seek and vet a trusted partner.
  • How to introduce specialty services to your clients.

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